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Robert (Bob) Hipwell, Ph,D., Brigadier General (Ret.) U.S. Army

Robert (Bob) Hipwell, Ph,D., Brigadier General (Ret.) U.S. Army speaks to veterans groups and corporations throughout the U.S. about teamwork, leadership, increasing the bottom line, as well as how to inspire yourself and your teams, and how to strengthen camaraderie. He is an advocate for God, family, the military, veterans, and first responders. He is inspired to give back to his community through his charity work with six Veterans Support Organizations (VSO) and by coaching, teaching, and mentoring corporate leaders.

Many people know what the words Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage mean. But how often do you see someone live up to them? Soldiers learn these values in detail beginning during Basic Combat Training (BCT); from then on, they live them every day in everything they do — whether they’re on the job or off.

Inspirational Leadership: How military values and training inspire you to live out your dreams
For those who have been in the military, they’ve experienced the focus and dedication that comes as a result of training and service. It is internalized and becomes part of the fabric that makes up who they are. The dedication and focus that is developed can be leveraged to help to create a happier, richer life to help you to create their dreams. Join Brigadier General US Army (Ret.) Robert Hipwell as he shares stories of his military and business history and how it has inspired him to have a life beyond what he thought was possible. Through his stories and example, audience members will learn how they can do the same.

Business Success: Military training and how it translates to business principles of Leadership, Profitability and Growth
Through the real-life adventures, research and on-the-ground experience, Brigadier General US Army (Ret.) Robert Hipwell shares the value of the veteran’s mindset that supports leaders and veterans to create effective teams, productive workplaces, and inspiring atmospheres. Veterans possess invaluable skills to help companies improve teamwork and leadership, and have the ability to think on their feet. They can become some of the most productive workers and leaders you will ever hire. Through his inspiring stories, Robert Hipwell shares the value of integrating veterans into your teams and staff as well as the importance of instilling the fundamentals of loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity and courage in all of your staff and teams.

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A lifetime of commitment, integrity, and honor shines in this very personal take on principles of leadership. Robert Hipwell has experienced combat from the triple-canopy jungle of Vietnam to the desert plains of Iraq, from green recruit to Brigadier General, from the ‘60s through 2010. His personal journey has taken him from middle-class San Diego through blue-collar England to Ph.D. scholarship and many civilian leadership rolls; a man with common roots in an uncommon search for honor and excellence emerges. A rewarding read from any viewpoint!
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