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Honoring retired Brigadier General, Robert Hipwell

ABC10 Military Appreciation

Watch a video with General Robert Hipwell for Military Appreciation which is sponsored by Bonney Plumbing, Heating & Air and The Honor Group.

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Placer Veterans Stand Down Interviews

Placer Veterans Stand Down, our adjutant Phil Jordan interviews Stand Downs CEO Robert Hipwell, retired Brigadier General and one of our members.

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Army Reserves celebrate 100 years

By Pfc. Eric J. Martinez, 13th Public Affairs Detachment

The Army Reserve celebrated its 100th birthday at Camp Victory with a cake-cutting ceremony and a 5k race.

The ceremony, held Wednesday at the Oasis Dining Facility, highlighted the contributions of the Army Reserve.

“We are celebrating 100 years of continuous service to our nation by the Army Reserve,” said Brig. Gen. Robert Hipwell, commanding general, Task Force North, 300th Military Police Brigade. “There have been many of changes in 100 years, but the spirit of the Soldier is consistent.”

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Lessons from the Front Lines of War – Interview with General Robert Hipwell

By Doug Greene / Adventurers, Podcast, Podcast – PowerPress, portfolio-podcasts

What’s it like to be dropped deep into the jungle in enemy territory where anybody you see probably wants to kill you? What’s it like to be in charge of the lives of thousands of men? In this interview, General Robert Hipwell shares his experiences and lessons from a lifetime of military service.

Doug: My name is Doug Greene and I’m interviewing General Robert Hipwell.

Robert: Well, yeah, that’s right Doug.

Doug: Who I met through Toastmasters. He’s in the same Toastmasters group I’m in. And at first when they call him “The General” I thought they were just kidding. But then I found out later, he really is a general …

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What Really Matters Interviews

WRMI 009 – Robert Hipwell // Lessons from a Top U.S. Army General

In this far-ranging discussion, General Robert Hipwell shares his story as a career soldier and officer. It starts with his years in Vietnam on covert missions behind enemy lines to his commanding the Army base where – and when – Saddam Hussein was captured.

He shares his lessons about a harrowing close call with the enemy in Vietnam, the key things it takes (besides luck) to survive the missions he did in Nam, to what it was like to work his way up to being a top commander in the Iraqi war.

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I see Robert as somebody who has led an extraordinary life and likely has some incredible lessons to teach us.
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